S P Horizontal & Vertical Combined Head manually operated, Faceting & decorating machine is most ideal for cutting attractive Horizontal & Vertical combined design on emboss as well as Kheela punching Bangle & Ring, V Bangle, Ring Pendants, Emboss Pendants, Ear Tops, Para Mani, Damaroo, Earrings, Signet Rings, Hair Pins, Chain etc made from non ferrous metals. Decoration & Faceting work can be done on 35 gauges.

S P gives you Horizontal & Vertical bright and accurate designs with only one fixing in short time due to easy setting of the all accessories on one head and one center only.The machine is of rigid Construction and free from vibration as all revolving parts are balanced one. The slides of machine are designed with taper wedge system. Working table of the machine is fitted with two pairs of cross slides mounted on turret moves independently.

The combination of this system enables the work piece to be placed at any angle of the tool. Therefore the machine is suitable for producing most of the complicated designs.

Also long cut attachment can be fitted adding more stars to your workmanship. For effective, Accident free and from safety point of view ' Electro - Magnetic Brake System ' is advisable which helps to stops the shaft within fraction of seconds.

This machine with two electric motors of 0.25 H.P for each separate operation. Ball Bearings are provided for smooth rotation of the cutting tool having 4500 RPM (Horizontal) 5300 RPM. This ensures very polished and non-vibrated cut.

Specification / Technicale Data
Heads 1 Horizontal & 1 Vertical ( Combined )
Type of Main Centre Fixed
Type of Head Fixed
No. of axis 2 ( X – Longitude, Z - Vertical & Z-1 Vertical for Depth, U – Swivel )
Travel of ‘X’ axis from Centre of Horizontal Head to centre of Vertical Head 170 mm
Vertical ‘Z’ axis Movement Screw
Vertical ‘Z-1’ axis for depth 6 mm
Type of optional Accessories for optimum operation All Optional Accessories Can Be Fitted(EXCEPT CIRCUMFERENTIAL)
Horizontal Spindle Motor 0.25 HP ( 0.18 kW ) / 1400 RPM
Horizontal Spindle Speed 4500 RPM
Vertical Spindle Motor 0.25 HP ( 0.18 kW ) / 1400 RPM
Vertical Spindle Speed 5300 RPM
Net / Gross Weight (kg) 135 / 170 kg
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 560 x 695 x 825 mm
Shipping Volume 5.1922 cubic meters OR 183.3611 cubic feet
ROTARY TABLE 360° Rotary Table. Graduation 5° with stop.
DIVIDING HEAD Guide way Radial type Dividing Head for 0° to 90° tilting device, at equal Center and Level.
RATCHET TEETH 120 Ratchet teeth gear for up to 120 divisions.
STROKE OF RATCHET TEETH 1 to 6 teeth Selector for very quick setting of various divisions.
Also available 240 Ratchet teeth gear. (As per requirements)
BRAKE Manual operated Brake.
Also available Electro Magnetic chokes up Brake. (As per requirements).
Standard Equipments with Machine
  • Built in Machine Motor 180W ( 0.25 hp ) 1/4HP 1425 RPM 220 / 230 V 1 Phase 50 Hz - Pc. 2
  • Built in Machine Lamp - Pc. 1
  • Horizontal single Tool Holder ( 6” ) - Pc. 1
  • Necessary Tools Kit.

NOTE:Provided motor with this Machines is characterized as 180W 1/4HP 1425 RPM 220 / 230V 1 Phase 50 Hz The Motor RPM and Spindle Speed increase by 20% on 60 Hz supply.