SP engineer horizontal & vertical combined zig-zag machine is the latest member in our very popular models of gold smith machinery. The zig-zag machine is of gold smith construction which gives vibration free, smooth & noiseless cutting while working. T he main function of zig-zag machine is to from different types of waves background immersions on bangles, wedding rings, etc. This wave's background gives self design impressions which result in laser as well as rainbow colored effect on the articles. One can decorate horizontal as well as vertical zig-zag on the article in one operation with out distributing the article. That's why the only SP engineer horizontal-vertical combined machine.

It's going to be the heart throb amongst the goldsmith of the country as well as abroad, because no skilled worker is needed to operate the machine.

Also long cut attachment can be fitted for adding more stars to your workmanship. For effective, accident free and from safety point of view ?Electro-Magnetic Brake System' is advisable which helps to stop the shaft within fraction of seconds.